Glass Reaction And Distillation Unit

  Glass Reactors
Glass Reactors are multi purpose pilot plant units having flexibility of utility. Glass Reactor/distillation unit have been standardized by incorporating all basic & essential features such as heating, stirring, condensation, fractionation, cooling etc. for multi-purpose use. These glass reactor kilolab are used in educational institutions, R&D centers and industries. Distillation unit can be conveniently and quickly modified according to specific process needs due to modular construction. Borosilicate glass offers additional benefits of universal corrosion resistance, visibility and cleanliness.

Glass Lined reactors are primarily used for carrying out critical chemical processes where corrosion resistance and chemical inertness are of prime importance. All types of agitators may be used with these reactors. The reactors can be customized for GMP applications for use in pharmaceutical industry.
There are two types of glass reactors

Spherical Vessels with nozzles at 90
These vessels are used in Circulatory Boiler System and are to be supported on a vessel holder. More nozzles can be provided on the equator on request on request for special requirements.

Spherical Cyclones
Cyclones can be used separation of droplets and solids from gases and vapours. Cyclones are to be supported on a vessel holder. A dip pipe should be used on the top neck.

Spherical Receivers
Recievers are provided with builtin drip pipe.These are to be supported on a vessel holding ring.

Additon Vessels
These vessels are provided with a short bottom outlet.These should be supported on a vessel holder/holding ring.

Spherical Vessels with wide bottom outlet
These vessels are generally used to fit immersion exchangers in the bottom. Special heating mantle or bath should be used if used with.

Vessles with wide bottom outlet valve seat
To fit a bottom outlet valve (BAL type) all spherical and cylindrical vessels can be supplied with valve seat in bottom outlet.

Cylindrical glass vessel of 50 Litres and above must be supported in a vessel holder. Other accessories, like stirrers, baths, vessel holders etc, for cylindrical glass vessel can be supplied to special orders.

Kettles are similar to cylindrical glass vessels but having a reduced top neck.

Jacketed Vessels For special applications, cylindrical vessels can be supplied with a jacket for heating or cooling. Jacket is sealed to the vessel with Viton 'O' ring and other sealing compositions. The seal prevents high stresses between vessel and jacket by allowing the movement flexibility between two due to thermal expansion. Glass Jacket can be used for a maximum operating pressure of 0.5 bar and a maximum o operating temperature of 130 C in jacket. The temperature difference between jacket & vessel 0 should not be exceed than120 C.

Continuous Stirred Tank Reactors Ultra Violet Reactors Tripple Walled Reactors.

 Distillation Unit
Distillation is the process of separating the components or substances from a liquid mixture by using selective boiling and condensation. In industrial chemistry,distillation is a unit operation of practically universal importance, but it is a physical separation process, not a chemical reaction.

We offer

Simple Distillation Unit
Reaction Distillation Unit
Unit is designed to cater to customer's requirements of combination of versatile distillation or combination of pilot plant work. It has flexibility of working at atmospheric pressure as well as under vaccum.Usually unit has reaction vessel having facility for heating and cooling both by means of heating/cooling fluids as a media.It is equipped with stirrer having mechanical seal, a packed column on the side neck of vessel , reflux divider coil type condenser and or receiver system having a product,cooler,vent ,drain and vaccum valves. Options of a spend variator by mechanical variator or electronic variator can be provided.Receiver system includes product cooler,vent/vaccum valve and drain valve.Unit is available in various sizes -- 10Lit,20Lit,50Lit,100Lit,200Lit.

Fractional Distillation Unit
This unit usually used for distillation and fractionation under vaccum or at atmospheric pressure. Unit has distillation vessel fitted with packed column above reflux divider and coil condenser are fitted on the packed column. Condensed material is either taken back to the vessel or to the receiver via product cooler. Unit is availble in various sizes -- 10Lit,20Lit,50Lit,100Lit,200Lit.

Distillation Assembly on Glass Lined Reactor
The Unit has been designed to suit the customers requirement of combination of versatile reaction/distillation or combination for pilot plant work. The Standard system is equipped with stirrer having mechanical seal,a packed column on the side neck of the vessel, reflux divider, coil type condenser and or receiver system having a product, cooler, vent, drain and vacuum valves, Options of or speed variator by machanical variator or electronic variator can be provide. Receiver System is equipped with Product Cooler, Vent / Vacuum Valve and Drain Valve.

Glass Columns
We offer column packages
 Random Packings
 Structure Packings
 Packing Supports and Retainers
 Liquid Distributor and Re Distributors
 Column Feed Sections

Glass Nutsche Filter
Nutsche filter is very useful for filtrations using acidic media. Neutsche Filters are widely used for the separation of mother liquor and the solid product, in chemical, Pharmaceutical and other process industries. It can hold bigger quantity of material and hence frequency of cleaning of the filter media is very less. The operating pressure is 0.5 bar and vacuum is used to speed up filtration. The perforated filter plate is constructed from glass reinforced PTFE, the TOP AND BOTTOM cover is Glass Filled PTFE & PP cloth is used for the filter membrane itself.