Laboratory Equipments

Aggregate Testing Instruments
 Aggregate crushing value apparatus
 Cylindrical Metal Measure
 Density Basket
 Sieve Shaker
 Sand absorption Cone and Tamper

Analytical Instruments
 Mass Spectrometers
 Chromotographs(GC, HPLC)
 Particle Size Analyzer
 Thermal Analyzers

Weighing Balances
  Balance - Chemical
  Elelectronic Table Top Balance
  Platform Balance - Electronic
  Platform Balance - Mechanical
  Platform Balance - Circular
  Platform Balance - Pedestal Type
  Two Pan Balance - Mechanical

Laboratory Oven
We provide wide range of Laboratory Oven that are easy to maintain, simple to use,durable and cost efficient.We offer Laboratory Oven with different specifications and can also be customized as per client specifications.
Some of our range of Oven includes

 Memmert Oven
 Oven GMP Model
 High Temperature Oven
 Round Vaccum Oven

Water Bath
We provide rectangular water bath.
Water bath is available in below size

Size Rating Watts Holes
35 x 25 x 10 cm 1000 6 Hole of 3"Dia
40 x 30 x 10 cm 1500 12 Hole of 3"Dia

Muffle Furnace
Muffle Furnace is fabricated as per client needs.
Muffle Furnace GMP Model is available in below Sizes:

Inner Dimension Outer Dimension Rating K.W. Power Consumer Net Weight
9"x4"x4" 18"x14"x14" 2 9 30 KG
10"X5"X5" 19"X15"X15" 2.5 11 40 KG
12"X6"X6" 21"X17"X17" 3.5 15 55 KG
18"X9"X9" 28"X20"X20" 6 26 80 KG

Laboratory Pump
Laboratory Pump provides optimum functional support and offer superior control over wide variety of laboratory applications.


 No lubrication required
 Noiseless performance
 Absolutely portable
 Totally oil free construction
 Built-in micro suction filter
 Extra large bearings for trouble-free and smooth running
 Allows for excellent solvent recovery
 Excellent choice for use in centrifugal concentration applications
 Portable working support
 Models specifically suited for vacuum degassing of compounds
 Corrosion-resistant parts and sturdy design finish

Tray Dryer
We offer Tray Dryers.


 Tray dryers are ideally suitable for drying chilies, spices, papads, potato chips, onions, fish, garlic, grapes, cashew nuts, confectionery, macaroni, wood etc.
 It is also for used for drying pharmaceuticals, chemicals, powders, granules, plastic granules etc. Heating is either by electric or steam or both combined.
 Various models are listed in this leaflet to suit customer requirements. Custom-built models can be quoted on request.

Viscosity Bath
We offer viscosity bath to satisfy customer requirements.
We do provide customize viscosity bath.

Equipment specially designed for tests in the field of medical, agricultural, bio-chemical, R & D & Q. C. Laboratories.

Safety thermostats for over shooting of temp. safety circuit to cut off the whole system in case of malfunction ( Applicable to microprocessor based models only) HRC fuses for compressor heaters & mains, time delay circuit for safety of compressor.