Laboratory Accessories

We Offer

Vials,Caps,Septas,Crimper and Decrimper

We offer complete choice of products which includes

 Screw top vials with black srew cap
 Screw Cap
 Automatic Vial Crimper and Decrimper
 Septa for PP Vial and Aluminium crimp cap
 Shell vial with snap plug

GC and HPLC Syringes
  SGE Syringes for GC/HPLC
 Exmire Syringes for GC/HPLC
 Hamilton Syringes for GC/HPLC
 Injection Valve Syringes
 Microliter Syringes for Volatile Organic Samples

HPLC Columns

We Offer

 HPLC Columns Waters
 HPLC Column Kromasil

We also provide columns spares.

Scientific Meters
 Automatic Polarimeter
 Digital PH Meter
 Conductivity Meter
 Digital Thermo Hygrometer
 Digital Portable Refractometers
 Brookfield Viscometer
 Digital Haemoglobin Meters
 Digital Flame Photometer
 Photo Fluorometer
 Dissolved Oxygen Meter
 Digital Coloimeter
 Gas Flow Meter

 Laboratory Oven
 Vaccum Oven Round
 Ageing Oven

 Friability Test Apparatus
 Digital Potentiometer Titration Apparatus
 Bulk Density Apparatus
 Leak Test Apparatus
 Tablet Disintegration Apparatus
 Tablet Dissolution Test Apparatus
 Melting Point Apparatus

General Laboratory Instruments
 Safety goggles and safety equipment
 Test tubes, tongs, and racks
 Spatulas and scoopulas
 Bunsen Burners

Plastic Wares
 Plastic Beaker
  Plastic Flask
  Plastic Centrifuge Tubes
  Plastic Lab Bottles
  Plastic Trays
  Plastic Racks
  Plastic Apparatus
  Plastic Magenta Box
  Plastic Measuring Jugs
  Plastic Cylinders
  Plastic Vertex Mixer
  Plastic Test Tubes
  Plastic Stirrer
  Plastic Spatula
  Petri Dish
  Molecular Model Sets
  Plastic Pipette Box
  Plastic Pipette Stand
  Plastic Rain Gauge
  Plastic Slide Box

  Thermo - Hygrometer. Digital. Imported.
  Thermometers - Dial Type.
  Thermometers - Digital. Indian.
  Thermometers - Digital. PEN Type. Imported.
  Thermometers - Digital. Pocket Type. Imported.
  Thermometers - Glass.
  Thermometers - Glass. Precision.
  Thermometers - Laser. Imported.
  Thermometers - Minimum & Maximum.
  Thermometers - Wall Type.
  Thermometers - Wet & Dry. (Hygrometer).